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"I began working with Michelle after having worked with multiple VA’s before. It was a different experience from the beginning. She really listened to my frustrations of prior experiences and was open to taking a non-traditional route to working together. I was looking for a partner to help me bring my visions to life while having a lot of fun doing it. I’m a very visual person and have to see something to really take it in and know if I like it. That’s very hard and time-consuming to do when you are emailing back and forth. With Michelle, we are able to connect, collaborate and actually revise in real-time. It is both a tremendous time and frustration saver but also a blast. When I wrote my first book and we weren’t happy with the concepts the designer was coming up with, Michelle created some options and together we created an amazing-looking book.

I could never have done all that I have without Michelle by my side. She has set up systems and organized me in any way that I needed. She is flexible and knowledgeable with whatever I throw at her and is never afraid to look into something new. She has set up all my systems, gotten me on a consistent schedule for content output and has taken my social media from practically non-existent to engaging and a true expression of me.

She is both a technical genius and an idea collaborator. She sees my blind spots and isn’t afraid to tell me when something feels off. She is an amazing partner to have on your team. You won’t realize how much you needed her until you begin and start to see all the results. I believe in building relationships with all the people I work with and this is one of the best I have."

"Good talent is hard to find! Michelle is a winner! I have worked with Michelle for 5 years and look forward to a continued relationship. She has been an integral part of Belle & June’s growth helping to keep our catalog up to date, work with suppliers on price changes, manage our overseas freelancers and keep me on check and organized."

It has been a delight to have Michelle as my virtual assistant for my new life coaching business. I really appreciate how she has set up systems for social media, marketing, content creation, and client services. She easily takes my ideas and make it happen, almost like magic! She also keeps me focused and on task.  

Her technical expertise and organizational skills have been instrumental in laying the ground work for building a successful business. 

Michelle is highly reliable, trustworthy, and efficient. 

She is more than a Virtual Assistant, I consider her a partner in my business and we share a vision of how to grow the business and provide amazing content and service to our clients. With her, I am creating the business of my dreams.

Michelle is a delight to work with. She is a natural motivator and takes the time to get to know you and your business so that she can support you in the best way possible. She is invested in your success and is creative in suggesting ways she can add value to what you want to accomplish. I recommend Michelle because she cares. She isn't in it just for the money. She truly wants to see you succeed and is willing to do whatever that takes. She is flexible, easy-going, generous, thoughtful, and supportive.

Michelle is the most friendliest and approachable VA. She was such a delight to work with and always went above and beyond with digital marketing support, Wordpress blog updates, creating newsletters, canned email responses as well as many other complicated tasks in my business, which I really didn't have a lot of time for. She was always consistent with her work and meeting several deadlines. I was so impressed with her technical skills and knowledge as well. She's well versed with SEO and Wordpress which is extremely helpful when it came to updating my website. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of VA services for their business. 

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